We focus on our clients’ identified key outcomes. These are the outcomes which underpin their business case. Maintaining focus on the key outcomes helps us to shape the selection of the proposed delivery process.

Project Stages

Whilst we recognise that each project is unique in terms of its drivers, required outcomes and detailed delivery plan; we believe there is a common process. In recognising this process, we assist our clients to see where they are within their particular development journey and help plan the path to the end of that journey. The stages are typically:

  • Definition of need
  • Project planning
  • Assembly of team
  • Initial design, budget and timeline review
  • Site search and pre-purchase due diligence
  • Acquisition/development
  • Detailed design
  • Procurement of building works and specialist fit out
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Transition to operation
  • Operation to steady state
  • Review


Our style is simple: we listen carefully. We advise from experience. We communicate effectively. We build teams. We assume responsibility. We execute to an agreed plan. We are firm but fair with those that are contracting with our clients. We review our projects with our clients so that we all learn from common experience.

Our Responsibilities

We recognise that the process of property development impacts communities and the environment. Therefore as a business:

  • We encourage the use of sustainable modelling of developments
  • We contribute to our clients’ local community projects focused on communities within which we manage development
  • We encourage improvement of habitat to enhance biodiversity on greenfield sites
  • We financially support a UK programme encouraging young people from disadvantaged backgrounds into higher education